Monday, January 28, 2008

Sitting here just thinking...

So I am already for this week to be over. Maybe its because I am broke. Maybe because I will be one week closer to visiting my friends. Maybe because I just am! This is the long lull before spring and summer (wait Dallas just has a HOT summer). I am ready for the hot weather. I am ready to hang out by the pool. I will be just doing it two people short for this season. :(

Back on a happier note, I have my class tomorrow and I find out how I did on my first quiz. I know I missed two questions but now I will know how to fix it. I am really excited about school and trying to get into a college in another state. I know I am almost 27 and just starting college sucks but I have to do what I have to do.

One thing that I wanted to do was to start writing. I want to start with poems or just writing what I feel. Well this is one step right? I need to learn to organize my thoughts and start writing!

So what really sucks is that I think that I will be going to a concert alone. My friends are not into the same kind of music but who cares. I have been to one before. It will probbaly not be the last. I have just gotten into Tristan Prettyman. I think some of her lyrics are wonderfull. She has the surfer low key attitude.