Monday, September 22, 2008

New job and already stuck my foot in my mouth.

Damit I really need to learn how to watch what I say. I need to have that filter. uggh. Maybe tomrrow will be better. Work was good tho. I was a little bored but its just because I have to follow someone else. It will get better.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Another day....Wait I got a job!

So this morning found me a little hunover since we wnt to shushi o last night. Thanks Jason.... Mother of Pearl Martinis rock tho.
I had my third interview today and got the job. I will be working at the cooper grill. I am so thrilled about it. I will be a back waiter in team service. Tomorrow is yet another trip to the restaruant to sign paperwork. :) yippie for me

Thursday, September 18, 2008

First trip to the James River alone

Well today was my first trip to the James alone. Wow the sound of the river, nothing is more peaceful. Hear the geese fighting? Look at the tall, full, beautiful trees. Some are already starting to turn colors as the next season is almost upon us. Light green and a slight purple are scattered amongst the tips of the trees. I will finally get to see a season and enjoy it. Not like Texas where its one season for two days and another for 4-5 months. Birds are chirping, critters are crackling the brush and leaves that have fallen to the ground.

Turn on the Ipod and be inspired. Wait.. better yet just listen to yourself. Relish in the moment. Your first trip to the river on your own. Take it all in. Stop floundering. This is your calm. No one can take this peace away from you.

The breeze is cold enough for a sweat shirt but still you can wear shorts. When the breeze hits you it sends chills. It will pick up for a moment and slow down again almost as if the earth was breathing. The huge rocks formed by the river are inviting to lay on. They are flat and call your you to enjoy the sun on them.

This is solitude.... This is peace

Two more people have joined me. Looks to be an older man and his daughter. Ahhh... Breakfast at the James. Quiet conversation between the two of them. Very hushed and murmured. They both look at something very intently in between them. I can not make out what it is. He then lights a cigarette. For someone who has smoked for as long as I have you would be surprised that I really didn't want one. I am really surprised that I didn't go over there to get one from him.

The geese are still bating in the water. Dunking their heads and shaking them off. You can see the water that has shaken off them in the sunlight. Every once in a while you will hear one of the "honks" that sounds almost like a party horn. All of the sudden I hear a plane and the geese start to signal that something is going on. It's not a plane at all but a train on the other side of the river. The wheels screeching on the tracks. No whistle warning. Just the sound of train rushing towards the city. Birds have now emerged from the trees on the other side of the rive because of all of the commotion. They are soaring high and gliding with the wind. The train has now passed and all you hear is nature and the river again.

Good bye my first day at the river. I will be back to you to keep me calm and keep me energised for the day. Now its off to the world I have up here. Finding things to do and trying not to feel alone. Setting off on another day of making this big, huge, world feel like mine.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wow I really live here.

Ok so I think I am getting over the initial shock of moving somewhere new. I am ready for a job. Not doing anything sucks. I guess I could go get my DL today. We will see. I am ready to be settled. I am sick of the whole limbo stuff. I want to feel like home already. I know you can't rush these types of things or go too fast but it sucks.

For those of you that chose not to work, you are nuts. I sit at home like a lost puppy waiting for my owners to come home from work just so I can talk to someone. Still you try not to bombard them and we are still getting used to a living situation but damn you want some form of human interaction. And remember I have only been doing this for two days.... well three if you include today because it will be the same until I get a Job. Just sucks for someone who is always on the go with either work or social stuff to just sit here. I have a new found respect for people that go thru this and don't chose to.

Living here is good though. I have found some places on my own and beginning to get to know my way around the neighborhood stores. I will probably venture out a little further today and take a highway. Once I learn my N-E-W-S I will be in good shape.

Email me some funny stuff, I need a laugh.

PS: everyone that reads this please pay attention to the Presidential stuff. Don't just look at the candidates "Values". Actually sit down and listen to what they have to say. I don't want to be called a dumb American again from some lady on tv that actually knows what she is talking about.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Travel day

Its freakin 830 already and we have been on the road for almost three hours..... Are we there yet

Monday, September 8, 2008

5 Days and counting.

So I have five more days in the beautiful state of Texas. Did I mention that I cant wait. Getting out of the Drama is so worth it. I will be able to breathe on my own. No suffocation. That's really all I wanted to say right now. I'm just ready. Going on a little vacation tonight. Wake boarding for my last time before I leave. Too bad I don't have the room to take it with me. But I wont need it until next year anyway!