Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Night???

So I am sitting here in my bed on a Friday night. Feel sorry for me? Don't!!! So much has gone on this week. I got my first test back and I made a 102!!!! First time that I have ever made a score of over 90 on a freaking math test. So I have decided that many things need to happen in my life. I need to make a change now. I will be starting in the gym tomorrow. I have to. I need to make sure that I am in shape to bartend again. You want a little eye candy when you go out to drink. That way I can make peoploe spend more money and get my money in my pocket ;)

I am so excited that the writers strike is over. All of our shows come back but most importantaly corprate asses get what is coming to them. You have to spend money to make your employees happy and they make you money.

I really need to read up on the canidates for the election. Damitt..... I am stupid when it comes to this stuff. Maybe I should come up with a study guide like picking a prestident for dummies. (thats in the process of being copyrighted so dont steal it):)

Next week has a lot going on. I will be doing happy hour monday and tuesday. Monday is also going to be the Foo on Fuse!! Dont forget to record it 10 Pm!! Then Friday is G-Love and Special Sauce with Tristan Prettyman!!!! So excited about this one. Thanks Heather for going to check out a band that you dont know. I know you will enjoy it!

I am out for the night.